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OutofTomorrow: Heading off to bed nao.
I have like 2 replies. Later

巫女::                                    ”What the heck are you looking at?!”

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:: Would she take too much offense if she knew the moment he spied her pulling the bow he began to panic? The last thing he needed was to get hit by friendly fire while caught in this spiders parlor! In fact he continued wriggling and writhing wildly until she fired her shot, and thankfully struck the youkai instead of him! 

There wasn’t much time to sigh in relief however. With a final bout of struggling he pulled himself completely free of the webs. The boy dancing on the balls of his feet for a few steps before taking off in a bounding sprint! Clearing the remaining ruins of the spiders trap with ease as he brought his claws down on the thrashing youkai! Unleashing the wrath of the sankontessou right down the center of the creatures body!:: 

::She wouldn’t be very happy if she knew he began to panic. She at least knew with where the spider was in relevance to where he was still stuck-that she wouldn’t hit him at all. She was brand-spanking new at this-but even she couldn’t be that awful a shot! Besides-the spider’s butt was a big target!  

When she did hit it though she grinned and boogied a little as the thing screamed and wormed about in pain-as the hanyou broke free of the sticky webbing at long last~! She paused to watch as he bounced back and then dashed at it sending a Sankontessou right down the center of its body-virtually splitting it into spider chunks.::


(Source: kagome-miko)

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            He snorted derisively in response, crouching down low to the
      ground and hiking one leg up over his shoulder to absently
      scratch at the felt fold of his ear with his heel.


            “Do whatever the hell ya want. You wanna waste more time
      here it’s no skin off my teeth. He grunted. 

            But despite his perpetuations, staying the night would be
      best. He’d most likely slip off to some solitary tree later for rest,
      if only to allow his wound to settle.

巫女:: The miko couldn’t help but stare at the boy as he scratched his head like that…It made her want to giggle! Even in this atrocious mess they were in. It was so…Dog-Like…and made him cute as a button! 

Though she wondered if it was a good idea to be sticking his heel on his head after it’d been walking on Gods knew what on the ground…She resolved to try to get him to bathe some time very soon…That would be an adventure all by itself!::

"I-Inuyasha…That-you look too cute for words doing that…"

"Very well, its settled then. We'll stay the night and resume search come morning."

The monk stated-and arched his brow at both the miko and hanyou—but decided to hold his peace on that. He just slipped away now-off to check on the Taijiya-before anything came of this.

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            “Huh—?! He exclaimed, drawing back a little to observe the
      article in shock before his brows knit back together. Where the
      hell did you find that?

            A difficult battle. His teeth grit behind his hard jaw line.

            “…I’m sorry. He breathed, the syllables almost entirely
      foreign to his tongue. It wouldn’t have come as any surprise if
      the miko hadn’t believed he actually knew how to say those
      words, let alone so very easily. But some things were more
      potent to the hanyou than his pride as his gaze cast down to the  
      side in a clandestine frustration with himself. …I should’ve been


            At least they were all alright.

巫女::                                        ”A nasty youkai…It was rampaging in a a nearby village-mad with the power of the shard…We all worked together to dispose of it.” 

::She told him softly, and clenched the pink stone in her hand-stuffing it back in her pocket. She lifted her gaze as he apologized for not being there. It wasn’t hard to believe he knew how…She knew about these types of things he could apologize fairly easily. 

When he was wrong about something—Kouga in particular—apologies would never come. No matter how much she felt they were necessary! But She smiled brightly at him anyway.::

"Don’t worry too much. We’re all fine after all. And we got another shard out of the deal. Although I really did miss you, I’m just glad your here now."

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Anonymous: ( My muse now has fangs, cat ears and a tail. What does your muse do?) "Well this is an amusing predicament. Well, you could look on the bright side and take advantage of it?" Holds out a catnip filled toy mouse! -Tai 



巫女::                            ”…….You’re lucky I don’t swat your face. How is a catnip mouse the bright side of this?! What will Inuyasha say? Or think? Can I even go home this way? Miiyuu…”

::she fret her black ears down some~! Though she took the mouse and fiddled with it, nervously.::

No that would make a hell of a mess wouldn’t it? So when she agreed to option three he gave a relieved little nod. 

"Very well then Mrs. Kitty. Come along then." 


"I happen to know of one near here. Let us fly." 

巫女:: It would. One she really didn’t want to clean up after. When he told her to follow she made a ‘mrrt’ sound and rose to do so.::

"Do you want me to grab hold of your mokomoko or something? Cause—I can’t fly…neko or not."

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*Clad in Crimson~*
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Oh fine, I am from France! and let me just tell you, Paris is NOT the city of love like it is claimed to be,” she growled as the ice began to thicken.

"Okay now the bridge is frozen, start out slowly, make sure you can balance," she instructed.

巫女:: The miko blinked…This kitty was a loong way from home. But she didn’t make any further comment on it. She got her answer and the cat didn’t like talking about it-so she dropped it. 

Instead she nodded as the cat instructed her on what to do now that the bridge was frozen. She released the rail and eased herself away—keeping her balance.::

(Source: kagome-miko)

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                                     ❤ รฬєєt ๓๏ςђเ
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there is a big freaking reason I never watched the dubbed version of Inuyasha