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Painful Odds. - closed RP Kagome-miko


:: All he could do was stare at her a moment, amber orbs wide as he tried to piece together the words she’d given him. One he simply didn’t recognize, but from the context surrounding it he could tell it was something terrible. What was worse, it involved the the little ones. Giving a little sound of confusion he looked around a moment, searching for something that could help him. Searching for anything that wasn’t what he was hearing. 

There was gravity to the miko’s words and it hit him hard even though he was not completely sure what she was saying. Yet at the same time he didn’t want to understand. He didn’t want to hear this. He didn’t want to know this. He wanted this moment to un-happen! Licking his lips, he let his gaze settle back on the miko and whispered softly.:: 

"What is cancer?"

巫女:: Oh gods. This was getting harder by the moment. Not only did one of their pups have this awful affliction-and it’d been caught too late—but she had to explain what it was…She didn’t want to. Oh how she could take the words back and not have to say it at all…

But it was real. It was happening. And her mate-their father-had the right to know…She choked a little on a swallowed sob-but she managed to open her mouth and explain-at least a little. She could tell-he really didn’t want to hear it…but knew he had to.::

"It’s—um…an uncontrollable growth of-of abnormal cells, cells being the building blocks to any organism. The abnormal cells are malignant-and-if not caught early enough-they can spread all over the body, or make it so things in the body can no longer function…Its a terrible issue-and there’s no known cure,"


Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

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{ kagome-miko }


"Kagome…!" Rin’s excited voice carried as she ran up to the woman, tripping over her own feet on the way. Stopping short of running into the miko, the girl held out a scroll on which a messy line of kanji had been drawn; it appeared to have been an attempt at a certain demon’s name. "Some of the symbols were really hard, but I’m getting better!"

巫女:: The miko turned at the sound of her name. She’d been hanging laundry on the lines outside when the girl-child ward of her brother-in-law came racing up to her-and nearly tripped right into her as she did!

The green miko held her hands out to catch Rin at the shoulders just before she fell headlong into her-and chuckled a little::

"Whoa! Slow down there, Rin-chan! Careful there. Don’t want you taking a nose dive."

::She said, with a smile, easing off the girl as she whipped out a parchment of paper with Rin’s continuing practice of calligraphy upon it. The girl drew her fingers along underneath the scroll to hold it up some. Her work was improving greatly. She could tell what the kanji was supposed to be.

She grinned at her.::

"You are improving! By leaps and bounds. I can tell it says "Sesshoumaru" now. Great work~!"

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Are there InuYasha roleplayers active anymore…?


Or am I late to the party? Please reblog this so I can start roleplaying with some of you <3

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Sesshomaru chose not to say anything in regards to his half-brother; Inuyasha wasn’t the reason he’d come here, after all.  He had come to check on Rin (to visit, really, but that was beside the point), and had discovered that she was ill.  

It probably wasn’t serious, but Sesshomaru did not fall ill, which meant that his judgement of such things was … not quite correct.  Then again, Rin had been snatched from the jaws of death twice; there would not be a third time.  So perhaps it was good that he was seeking to prevent further illness.


He waited as the young woman stood, gathering her things.  There was much the youkai was capable of, but the healing arts … was not one of them.  There had been no need, after all.  

"She has a cough," he repeated, "and a fever."  He’d been able to smell the fever on her before he’d even come upon her that day, which was how he’d known something was wrong.  Rin might not have said anything, if it weren’t for that.

巫女:: The girl placed her basket on her hip and started back to the village, glancing sideways as Sesshoumaru explained what he’d sensed initially from the ill child.

She knew he hadn’t come to see Inuyasha-or even hear about him. That was why she told him just that he’d be back. On the note of seeking the miko out though, he was right in thinking that it probably wasn’t serious, but in this era not serious things could quickly escalate to the serious in this era. So staying on top of health was a big priority. She did not wish to see Rin pass away due to a cold that went unchecked and turned into something disastrous. There would be no coming back from that.

Also-while he hadn’t gotten ill himself-the miko could not put anything past virus’ and bacteria to master a way to make youkai ill either. So, while he hadn’t learned healing arts—she was certain a day would come when he may need them for himself. For now though—the focus was the 12 year old girl, Rin.::

"Okay, that’s a good start…Can you guess at how high her fever is? And how did her cough sound to you? Was it dry-or was there any wheezing with it?" 

::She asked, getting details was important. Seeing the potential patient for assessment would yield better results-but preliminary details would help in the long run too.::

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Please reblog if you roleplay Inuyasha


I just started this blog and am new to the Inuyasha RP Fandom, so I would like to get out there and meet some more people! If you could be so kind as to reblog this, I would be most grateful!

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          "I’ll always be with Lord Sesshomaru. Forever, and ever."
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He narrowed his eyes slightly when she called him ‘big brother,’ but at least she’d used the honorific.  That made it … slightly more bearable.  To think that he had a lowly human as a sister, thanks to his half-breed brother.  

With his own soft spot for Rin, though, it seemed that he had inherited more from his father than he’d originally thought.  Not that he’d admit that to anyone, really.  It was simply … interesting to consider.  Especially when one factored in that his father had probably had something along those lines in mind whenever he’d bequeathed his swords to his sons.

"It is simply curious," he stated, in response to her question, "to see one without the other."  

At her query into why he had sought her out, the expression in his eyes softened very slightly.  

"Rin has a cough," he said simply.  "The old one sent me to you."

巫女:: He didn’t need to admit it to anyone. Everyone already knew. It was kind of plainly obvious after all. He wasn’t as adverse to humans as he tried to act…Besides-you couldn’t control who you fell in love with anyhow. When it happened it happened and there was no getting around it-whether it be human, youkai or hanyou.

The girl shifted to face the regal youkai, drawing her blue black hair over her shoulder as she did, and tilting her head. Inuyasha was currently out with Miroku-sama “whipping up custom” as they had families to provide for now, but she let the comment lay where it was.::

"Hm. He’ll be back-soon enough."

::She did not miss the softening of his eyes-for this pan-faced stoic youkai-his golden hues really were the windows to his soul. It was amazing the emotions one could see racing through them-even if his face did not show them. 

She smiled softly at his request too. She found it absolutely adorable that he had a sweet spot for the young human girl child. She nodded::


"Alright-I’ll get on that."

::She pushed herself up, snagging the herb basket as she went and moved to the youkai’s side.::

"Walk with me. Tell me the symptoms of it."

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